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Prayer and Ministry are Key Elements of Our Community

Prayer deepens our personal relationship with God and brings awareness of God's presence within us and in creation.

Prayer shows us the Path of Life.

Our life of prayer includes:

Eucharistic Liturgy

Communal Prayer

Faith Sharing

Personal Prayer

Spiritual Reading

Spiritual Guidance


Being part of a community brings warmth, support and energy 
to our lives, and enables us to offer the diversity of our gifts 
and talents to our ministry. 

 Sister Marie Cahill

recently celebrated her 95th Birthday. May the Lord continue to bless her in the Years to come!

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  • As Sisters we enjoy a variety of activities like spending time at the cottage, walking, sing songs, playing card games, storytelling, attending ceilidhs, concerts and sporting events, watching movies, family visits, traveling, reading, and sharing special meals.

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Some Martha Sisters participated in Cycling with Sisters bicycle ride on October 3rd as they cycled round trip Rails to Trail from St. Peter's Bay to Morell.

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Cycling with Sisters aims to create a shared spiritual adventure for Sisters and local communities through bike rides. with focused prayer stops during the ride.



Sister Laura Kelly prepares for the ride

Themes for this ride included journey, poverty, mental health, creation and mission. It was wonderful to share the experience with the Sisters from Congregation of Notre Dame and Notre Dame de Sacre Coeur and various friends.

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Group of Sisters at Lorraine's 2019 feas
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A few of the sisters gathered July 17 to celebrate our Foundation Day . Our congregation was founded 104 years ago

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Prayer to St. Martha


St. Martha, our patroness and model, you received Jesus into your home in a spirit of simplicity attentiveness and hospitality. You proclaimed Jesus as "the Christ, the one who was to come into this world."

Obtain for us the grace to encounter the living Christ and respond in faith as we serve the needs of the Church in a life consecrated to God in community.
St. Martha, pray for us.